About the Charity

About the Charity

About the Charity

Building on two passions of Harry-Krish’s life and wanting to help fight against an awful, life threatening disease, we established this Foundation in his name. 

The Foundation has two aims: 

  • To fund music projects for terminally and critically ill children
  • Raise awareness of the symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Music therapy for very ill children

Harry-Krish was an amazing father who adored his 3 young children. Music was another big passion in his life, he performed as the lead singer in a number of bands. Most recently he was in a band with his St Columba’s and Loretto (St Albans) school friends, where they performed fundraising gigs, even during his battle with cancer. 

His passion of music and love for children inspired our charitable cause of bringing music to terminally or critically ill children.

When someone receives the diagnosis of a critical or terminal illness, their whole life can become consumed with this knowledge. In the darkest moments of an illness, music has the power to offer an escape from suffering and for a moment to completely forget you are a patient with a terminal disease. 

Through the foundation we use music to help bring a moment of joy.   

Music may be in the form of therapy, workshops or entertainment and will be provided by established and experienced charities who work alongside professional medical care providers with the aim to provide emotional support to help the children and their families during treatment of their illness.

Pancreatic Cancer

The diagnosis, a week after his 39th birthday, was a huge shock as Harry-Krish had been fit and healthy. He had been experiencing some stomach discomfort for a while, but we never considered something so sinister and life threatening was about to be discovered. 

After he died Harry-Krish’s family and friends have raised over £60,000 for Pancreatic Cancer UK. Through this Foundation we will continue to work closely with PCUK to raise awareness of the symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer. 

Pancreatic Cancer is known as the ‘silent killer’, the symptoms can be subtle and the diagnosis often comes far  too late. By raising awareness of the symptoms with medical practitioners and the public, we hope that Pancreatic Cancer will be considered as a possible cause to someone’s symptoms at an earlier stage.