Who we support

Who we support

Who we support

We are passionate about supporting small, and where possible local charities, that reflect the objectives of our charity with their provision of music therapy for children with life limiting illnesses. They are well established and have much experience in a variety of music projects that have been proven to bring a holistic approach to the care of the children, be it during a severe illness or during end of life care. 

We believe Harry-Krish would have been very proud to support them. 

Who we have supported so far:

Teens Unite Fighting Cancer

Teens Unite Fighting Cancer is a Hertfordshire based charity, set up ten years ago, providing the on-going emotional and social support that studies and experts agree is desperately needed for teenagers. 

Teens Unite is the only charity in the U.K. that provides help for teens at this time, uniting young people and rebuilding lives from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.  

Find out more about Teens Unite Fighting Cancer

Keech Hospice Care

During May 2018 we visited, a hospice in Bedfordshire which cares for children in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes during palliative care at the hospice, in hospital or at home.

Find out more about Keech Hospice Care


Momentum is based in Kingston and is a charity supporting children with cancer and life-limiting conditions, and their families. 

The charity was founded in 2004 and at any one time, they support over 150 families.

Find out more about Momentum

Children’s Hospice South West

Children’s Hospice South West are three hospices based in Devon and Cornwall providing care for families of children who will not survive childhood, from diagnosis to bereavement.

They currently care for 540 families providing palliative care and various therapeutic services.

Find out more about Children’s Hospice South West

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Since our loss in 2014 and until setting up our charity we raised approx. £65000 for Pancreatic Cancer UK. Family and friends continue to fundraise for them, in memory of Harry-Krish and we continue our fight to create awareness of the disease. 

Find out more about Pancreatic Cancer UK


Rett Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that becomes apparent after a year or so of near normal development, as the child, mainly females, regresses and loses skills including the ability to walk, talk and feed themselves.

RETT UK, a small charity in Luton, relies totally on fundraising and supports around 1600 or so family members in the U.K. whose children suffer from RETT Syndrome. 

Find out more about RETT UK

Haven House Children’s Hospice

Haven House Children’s Hospice is a nurse-led hospice for seriously ill babies, children and young people under 19, proving round the clock care everyday. They are based in Woodford Green, Essex.

Find out more about Haven House Children’s Hospice

The Lily Foundation

The Lily Foundation was founded in 2007 by Liz Curtis in memory of her daughter Lily who she lost to mitochondrial disease at 8 months old. 

The Foundation forms a vital link between patients, doctors and medical science bodies in the support of people whose lives are affected by the condition, raise awareness and fund research into its prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The charity has grown to support 600 families.

We will be supporting the Lily Foundation by providing music therapy sessions and a Samba Band for children with mitochondrial disease during the Lily Foundation’s family week-end in 2020. 

Around 100-150 people will benefit from the family week-end and its aim is to achieve the following outcomes: 

Children with mitochondrial disease and their families will have a chance to get away from stressful circumstances and have some fun! 

By providing a rare opportunity to children and their families to relax and enjoy time together, the week-end is seen as a lifeline to those with mitochondrial disease. 

 Children will have the chance to enjoy music therapy and stimulate their language skills – Children will enhance their physical skills and improve their health and wellbeing through music therapy.

Noah’s Ark

On Friday 8th October we were very privileged to visit Noah’s Ark Hospice in Barnet to donate £2000 for music therapy for children they support.

Noah’s Ark provides clinical, practical and emotional support to babies and children up to 18 years old, with life limiting or life threatening conditions.

They currently support around 300 children living in North and Central London and Hertsmere.

Until recently Noah’s Ark offered ‘Hospice at Home Care’ and in September they opened an amazing brand new hospice building with state of the art care and therapy facilities and custom built outdoor area in 7 acres of a beautiful nature park.

Noah’s Ark now aims to be able to offer therapies onsite, drop in sessions and overnight stays for children and their families as well continuing their community home support.

We were shown around the Hospice, seeing their incredible therapy rooms and beautiful bedrooms, meeting wonderful staff and we and heard lots of stories about how they have supported children with their specialist care and therapies.

We saw the Music Therapy room and heard about their experienced  Music Therapist Kirsty and how she supports the children in their care.

We donated £2000 from our fundraising for music therapy at Noah’s Ark and are grateful to our supporters who helped us make this possible.

It was a wonderful visit and we hope to go back.

The Harry-Krish Mootoosamy Foundation’s generous support will enable more children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions, and their families, than ever before to experience the therapeutic benefits of music; from their homes, in the community, and from the newly-opened Music Room at The Ark. Thank you so much for supporting our Music Therapy programme at such a pivotal time for the charity – it is truly appreciated.

Kirsty Ormston, Music Therapist, Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice

It was very humbling welcoming Harry-Krish’s sister and mother to see our brand new children’s hospice building, The Ark and to learn of Harry-Krish’s passion for music.

The Foundation’s support will enable seriously unwell babies and children to enjoy, make friends and overcome challenges through the gift of music – we couldn’t be more grateful

Anthony Hayman, Assistant-Director, Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice

Where will the current fundraising be going?

We are in talks with 2 children’s hospices based in Hertfordshire as we are inviting these charities to apply for a Grant for music therapy, either for 1:1 sessions at home or in hospices or as part of Away Days for the children.