Here’s a list of the Trustees along with a little about their relationship with Harry-Krish:

Asha Mootoosamy

Harry and Asha

Harry was my love, my life and my sparring partner. He wooed me early on by writing a song that he performed with his band inspired by me – although thankfully after the first romantic verse it all went very head-bangingly rock and roll!  We were married with three children under the age of 5 when the cancer was diagnosed and he died in what felt like a heartbeat later. I would like to think he would have been quite flattered that a foundation has been raised in his name and am sure he would have liked the idea of supporting little ones with the indescribable feelings that a terminal illness brings. 

I am lucky enough to see Harry’s light dancing every day in the eyes of his children. As a trustee on the foundation, my energies will be going into allowing families to continue seeing that dancing light in their young persons eyes, by providing opportunities for musical therapy, an intervention that Harry would have greatly supported.

Nick Pope

The drummer who looks in agony but is actually quite enjoying himself.

Harry was my old school friend from age 11, always one of the coolest kids and destined for a life of magic and mini-mayhem.

He was my first pick for lead singer when it came to creating our band ‘The Kid Gloves’ and his voice lives on in us.

Yogen Karuthasami

Harry & I spent the majority of our childhood days together up to when we both became proud fathers. Still up to no good even though we were responsible Dads! So sad that he was tragically taken away from my life and my family and most of all his wife and amazing 3 children. He was a truly one in a million special friend whom we shared so much fun, laugher and also serious times together. There will always be a special place in my heart for him. x

Anna Ruby Yates


One word, different meanings for different people.

For me it is love, family, home, childhood, laughing, squabbling, arguing, hugs, confidante, partner in crime and over the years, these being woven into becoming work colleagues, near neighbours, parents, an Auntie and an Uncle.

Can’t recall ever making a decision without consulting him. Can’t recall ever not sharing stories of good times and bad.

Never thought I would be without mine. Never thought I would see him be ill. Never thought I would
have to face life without him.

I spent a long while feeling like half of me was lost, then realised it is.

His zest for life and the love for his family and friends, his love of his children and his love for his music led us to start this Foundation.

Time hasn’t healed but it has made us very passionate about trying to help others by supporting causes we believe Harry-Krish would have been happy to support.

Meeting with representatives from the charities and Music Therapists, seeing the Music Rooms at Hospices and knowing that there will be music brought to children facing some dark times with money raised in his name makes me believe that he would be very happy.

It helps us to remember his 39 years of life, love and laughter and the joy we shared together and he shared with so many people.


Krish Mootoosamy

We were truly blessed to have such a beloved son like Harry-Krish. Like his sister, Anna-Ruby, he was the apple of our eyes. He was our devoted and cheeky, mischievous loving son who became my business partner, my adviser and my guiding light. He was doted on by his mother and he was her absolute love. He was a dedicated husband and caring father who shone in the passionate care and upbringing of his three children. The dutifully loving brother and  brother in law who embraced  his nephew and niece and epitomised the love and care of close family values. We mourn his passing even more as he is no longer here to see them all growing up to be such bright and wonderful children.

Harry-Krish and his mum had so much love and affection for each other and like me she is lost without him.

To be diagnosed but a mere week after his 39th birthday was a sharp dagger in the hearts of every one who knew this unrelented fast driver who lived life in the fast lane. HOPE was every one’s motto. However, despite everything our brave young son remained so positive that his positivity was infectious and he inspired hope in us and  everyone else who has been privileged enough to know  and admire him. Recovery gradually became unattainable and was not meant to be, so after a long seven months of sheer agony our darling was taken away in the prime of his life from us all for ever..

Harry-Krish had a vast network of close and truly dedicated almost brotherly friends and the fact that they meet periodically to celebrate his life is a testament to the type of person he was.

Gone but never ever will he be forgotten as he will always be in our hearts. He brought so much love and affection in all our lives.

One of his closest friends, Patrick Dorkings, first mooted the creation of a Foundation in Harry-Krish’s name in honour of the loving memory of an unequivocal special person.

Harry-Krish adored children and he also loved music- he was the lead singer in a band, The Kid Gloves, made up of loyal close friends from his early school days. Consequently the Harry Krish Mootoosamy Foundation was launched, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the silent pancreatic cancer and to provide funds to organisations involved in the welfare of terminally ill children/youngsters to provide musical projects as a therapeutic procedure.

Other Trustees

  • Davider Sahota
  • Patrick Dorkings
  • Simon Lodge
  • Chandrin Katuwawala